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A printed pamphlet and interactive tablet piece that identifies the long term physical and mental impacts of oversitting and their prevention methods. The project compiled the abundance amount of researches done on the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and divided them into bite-size information for readers to digest. The case study allowed me to explore the process of producing and carrying a design from physical printing into a digital platform while furthering my illustrative practices.


Researching  /  Designing  /  Printing  /  Prototyping



September - December 2018


Design Research  /  UI UX Design  /  Design Thinking  /  Data Processing  /  Data Visualization  /  Print Design  /  Information Design


Photoshop  /  Illustrator  /  Sketch  /  Flinto  

The Problem

With the modern lifestyle being dependent on digital devices for daily activities and entertainments. The chances are that we spend the majority of our day to day life sitting down. The long-term consequences of this sedentary behavior are highly overlooked by our modern office working culture. These adverse effects take the forms of short-term inconveniences and pains to long-term impacts, which may lead to avoidable mortality. A better understanding of the health outcomes in office workers and students is needed to avoid the many consequences of oversitting.


The Solution

Are We Sitting Too Much? provides the general statistics on oversitting in Canada, a thorough understanding of possible outcomes of a sedentary lifestyle and the solutions to reduce the extensive sitting time and the physiological changes it makes to our bodies.


Initial Research

The initial research started with the exploration of various medical and health journals in which lead to the findings on the physical and mental impacts of a sedentary lifestyle. Through my readings of Peter Opsvik's Rethinking Sitting and Jonathan Olivares' A Taxonomy of Office Chairs, I found out that the most practical method of reducing long-term effects in working adults is through the introduction of proper sitting postures, chair adjustments and the use of ergonomic chairs.

Ideation Process

The initial ideation of the project started with defining the open sequencing of the pamphlet. The opening sequence should be intuitive and straightforward for readers to experience. It is necessary for each section to be clear and separated from each other for a smooth transition throughout the piece.


Visual Styling

The project aims to be informative yet playful through illustrations and infographics to prevent overloading information onto the readers. The visual styling is welcoming and engaging, familiar in office spaces.


Final Product

The final product includes both a printed pamphlet and a tablet application to highlight the primary information in the broad topic of oversitting.

Front Cover   /  Introduction to the topic description and title of the pamphlet.

Opening Spread  /  Breakdown of information on the general statistics of over-sitting in Canada

Insider Spread  /  Showcase of major and minor effects of oversitting on our body and mind

Poster Spread  /  Providing the atanomy of the ergonomic chair and personalized chair adjustment tutorial

Back Cover  /  Brief information on the advocate and other prevention methods for medical impacts of over-sitting


Tablet Application

The project employed the digital platform to further fortified the playfulness of the illustration through simple feedback animation. I experimented with dots indicators to notify users on their location in the application to reduce confusion of vertical and horizontal scrolling.