Identity Design

Gameport combines the light-hearted joy of an arcade with a wide range of beverages to provide hours of enjoyment for visitors and their family. While the project officially ended in 2017 as an app design task for my university degree, I wanted to develop the identity of the concept further to practice implementing a design on different mediums and applications. Furthermore, Gameport serves as a foundation for me to introduce After Effects into my toolbox.


Researching  /  Designing  /  Mockups



January 2018


Design Research  / Typeface Design  /  Branding  /  Motion


Photoshop  /  Illustrator  /  After Effects


The project began with the idea of combining a game arcade with a coffee shop into an entertainment cafe. While the concept of an internet cafe is popular in Eastern countries like Korea and Japan, it is not widely explored in Canada and North America, even with presences like Dave and Busters and The Rec Room. Gameport seeks to embrace a more PC culture where gamers and professionals can come to Habor Front for practicing and enjoying their PC/console experiences. 


Initial Process

The initial concept of the project takes inspiration from retro arcades to create branding based on 8bit art. However, after considering the target audience to be more desktop-based and console-based young adults, the ideation changed to a friendlier design with round edges and a callback to the power button. 

2Artboard 2@5x-8

Logo Iterations

The various iterations of the logo serves to support the branding through different mediums with various sizes. At its simplest form, the logo without the wave form supports black and white printing.

2Artboard 1 copy 5
2Artboard 1 copy 6
2Artboard 1 copy 7

The Applications